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Motorsport Fire Extinguishers

Motorsport Fire Extinguishers – PD Extinguishers

PD Extinguishers was started early in 2018 by regular rally competitor, organiser and scrutineer, Chris Woodcock concerned that  a 10 year life on Extinguishers was another recurring cost which would be another barrier to competitors.

Using his 35 years aerospace engineering experience, he has justified a 16 year life on all  PD Extinguishers Stainless Steel systems due to their high tensile strength and corrosion resistance, giving a 60% increase in the extinguisher life cycle. This is achieved with no cost penalty to the end user.

Having gone through an 18 month program of development testing and certification, he has now attained FIA Homologation on 2 systems  using aerospace grade AFFF and 3M Novec1230 both available with mechanical and electronic activation, along with a range of Hand Helds to meet all requirements.

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